Sunday, July 23rd the Gov’t Taco team met early to tackle the second Overpass Merchant pop-up of the summer. Prep included making salsa, shredding pork, pickling jicama, and mixing up huge batches of queso. We’re always happy to be in the The Overpass Merchant kitchen, especially with Parish Brewery by our side taking over the taps.

Items on the Menu

The menu for the night included our brand new Shrimper Fi taco, with crispy fried shrimp and coconut almond Supreme Rice served on Hola Nola tortillas.

We also featured our Eggplantoral College taco, full of gochujang stir-fried eggplant, kimchi mayo, crushed peanuts, and bright green onion.

The last taco for sale was Uncle Swine, a more classic taco with braised pork, sweet pickled jicama, a sprinkle of salty cotija cheese, and micro cilantro.

We were also selling our Three Branches of Salsa and Gov’t Cheese, the perfect accompaniment to a Parish Brewery Beer on a warm Sunday night. The hype definitely made its way around the Baton Rouge area because we had a line out the door all evening and we were completely sold out in a little over an hour! We always appreciate the chance to pop up in Baton Rouge, and look forward to the chance to be able to do it again soon!

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