The Kitchen Cabinet

For the people, by the people

We the people of Gov’t Taco, in order to form a more perfect taco…

establish Flavors, insure fresh Ingredients, provide for the tastiest consumption, promote the general Food Scene, and secure the Blessings of Tacos to ourselves and to Posterity, do ordain and establish this Taco Shop in the name of Gov’t Taco.

Gov’t Taco began as a resolution to create modern American tacos for a community yearning for more options. Founding Father Jay Ducote decided to take the initial steps by signing on as the first food vendor in the impending revolution known as White Star Market. At the urging of Chief Confusion Coordinator Blair Loup, the taco concept was created as a ploy for Blair to get constant access to tacos. Gov’t Taco got its name because of its home in Louisiana’s capital city, its placement on Government Street, and from Jay’s desire to finally put his two political science degrees from LSU to use in a way that can make everyone happy: tacos. The vision has been turned into reality thanks in large part to bringing on Majority Whip/Executive Chef Therese Albornoz to lead the brigade.

Majority Whip

Therese Albornoz

Born in Baton Rouge and raised in Alexandria, Therese grew up in a home surrounded by food. Laying down roots in mid-city Baton Rouge, her love of culinary culture has grown through her years of restaurant experience. When she’s not busy being the Majority Whip of Gov’t Taco, you can find her checking her blueberry bushes with a glass of wine in hand.

Founding Father

Jay Ducote

Jay is a radio host, television personality, writer, speaker, and entertainer. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in political science and a master’s in political science from LSU, but now he has found a way to eat and drink for a living. Jay finished runner-up on Food Network Star’s 11th season, Beat Bobby Flay at a crawfish boil in 2019, and has been cooked at the historic James Beard House in NYC twice. Find out more at

Queen Bee

Blair Loup

Blair was Jay’s first hire and has helped grow his enterprises since 2014. Today she’s credited with creating the concept of Gov’t Taco and it’s rumored she did it in pursuit of free tacos…this rumor is confirmed. A lover of spicy food, mezcal, and drag queens, she also has a passion for her neighborhood and serves on the Mid City Merchants board. An alumnus of LSU and the 2020 class of Baton Rouge Business Report’s Forty Under 40, Blair can almost always be found at your friendly neighborhood taco shop with a Spicy Paloma and The Magna Carrot.

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